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Global Customer Base Drives Teekay's Fleet Management System

A new integrated fleet management computer system linking Teekay’s operations, chartering and accounting around the world is providing immediate value by sharing and improving access to commercial and operational information throughout the entire organization, says Stewart Andrade, Project Manager, Teekay Marine Services.

"The company is leveraging this information to enhance our ability to promptly meet customer requests and deliver flexible solutions," he explains.

"The new system, developed by Danaos Management Consultants to our precise specifications, provides us with a scheduling tool that allows optimum use of the Teekay fleet. The tool allows us to select the best ship for the job, taking into account voyage scheduling and cargo requirements.”

A significant advantage of the new system, which has been on-line since July 26, is that it enables key Teekay business units to communicate globally in real time using the same information, allowing the company to improve response time when meeting the needs of a global customer base.

“Because users in any time zone can depend on the same information to make decisions, Teekay is able to react quickly with creative and refined responses,” Mr. Andrade explains. “That goes a long way towards ensuring that our customers have a consistent, high-quality experience.”

From the outset, one of the primary objectives was that Teekay's chartering offices, which are regionally based in Asia, Europe and North America, would be able to communicate in real time with Teekay's Vancouver-based vessel operations.

Under the Danaos system, information entered by either operations or chartering is immediately accessible to both.

"All updates are instantaneous and are there for both groups," Mr. Andrade adds. "This helps us in making better decisions in our day to day activities. It's a very powerful tool."

He says Teekay employed considerable financial, human resources and management efforts to deliver a system that enhances the company's efficiency.

The $2.9 million system, developed by Danaos in partnership with a Teekay project team drawn from IT, operations, chartering and accounting staff, incorporates a significant number of Teekay specifications.

"This collaborative effort over a two-year period was critical to ensure that the system meets all our requirements from concept to go-live," explains Mr. Andrade. "In the first two months it has worked very well, improving communications and the availability of information between chartering, operations and accounting."

"It's a system that incorporates best practices and ensures consistent business procedures."

He says that while Danaos provided the platform, it was Teekay that had the vision.

"We came up with the concept and we came up with the specifications. What we wanted the system to do was conceived and designed by Teekay people, many of whom deal directly with our customers and understand their needs. We went out with a very strong vision of what we wanted the system to do - and we did it."

Published Sept. 29, 2004

“Large fleets of new customers have been successfully completed within a few months, such as E.R. Schiffahrt GmbH (over 65 vessels) and Kuwait Oil Tanker Co S.A.K. (over 25 vessels).”

“The Danaos Info@Gate comprehensive communications and document management solution, now enhanced with a link to the BlackBerry ™ service, is gradually being adopted by major shipping and shipbroking companies world-wide (such as Gibson and Clarkson Hellas Ltd).”

Extracts from a Press Release – 17 January 2007

Subject: Risk Assessment Issues ** MSG#:<212846>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:47:02
From: European Product Carrier (As agents only)
To: sales@danaoscy.eu

Message Number: 212846
Subject: Risk Assessment Issues

Dear Takis and Vassilis,

We would like to thank you very much for the co-operation we have had over the past 6 months for the development of the shore-based computer-based risk assessment program concluded in satisfactory results. Minor things only left prior to the final version release.

We strongly believe that the program is very comprehensive, user friendly and unique in the market, incorporating also cost benefit analysis  (CBA), in line with the USCG CBA per control.

Best regards,

Dimitrios Kosmas

Received Inc.MSG.: 179681
Date: Mon 28/Nov/2005 14:58
Subject: [MC 05P/219] Customer Approval

MSGNO: 23508
DATE : 28-Nov-2005 14:59

Dear Sir,

Taking this opportunity and considering the short notice which has been given to you, we would like to express our gratitude for your immediate response and quality services, concerning the installation of ‘Planned Maintenance’ and ‘Operation’ module on board our vessel M/T Milleura.

Kind Regards, G. Moutzouris
Technical Manager

“Danaos Telegram Automation Project Goes Live”

The following was posted on INSIGHT (Teekay's Intranet). I would also like to congratulate Danaos' resources for their efforts in successfully completing this important project.


We are pleased to announce that the Danaos Telegram Automation Project is officially live. The first telegram was successfully processed by the Singapore office on June 11th. This implementation is another step toward improving the data quality entered into the system and eliminate duplicate data entry both on three vessels and shore side.

There is already evidence about the value of this important project. Just to quote a message from one of our Voyage Managers "...you have no idea how much simpler our lives have become. Took me about half hour to clear 3 days of telegrams. Thanks !!!"

Congratulations to the project team who worked alongside our Vancouver IT resources for the successful go-live.

A big thanks to the Management and the IT department of the Stavanger office for their support during the project.


Best, Nick

Nick Athanassiadis
Project Manager, IT
Teekay Marine Services

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