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Shipmanagement Applications

The Danaos Ship Management suite of applications is the bedrock of the success of Danaos, consolidating into a powerful integrated system all aspects of the daily work needed to manage efficiently a fleet of vessels and linking seamlessly both office and vessel into a unified environment with fully automatic data transfer and database synchronization.

Danaos has integrated all vessel data into unified office databases, enabling vessels to share information from a common dataset (if they have some identical onboard

systems) and reducing vastly the data administration overhead. It offers the following benefits to the Customer:

  • It is a fleet-wide system with unified databases for the whole fleet. Management can follow-up the performance and statistics of the whole fleet in an integrated manner.

  • Danaos offers an advanced cost-effective synchronization module for data communication between shore and ship that is totally independent of the satcom communication media. The Danaos Synchronization module transmits data over any flavor of Inmarsat, Radio Frequencies or VSAT systems.

  • It is very simple and user friendly on both the office and vessel sides.

  • The Planned Maintenance software system is type approved by DNV and by Lloyds Register.

The power of the Danaos ship management suite is evidenced by the very wide adoption of the system by the industry. Hundreds of long-time Danaos customers have been using the suite over many years automatic fully their daily procedures and reaping the benefits of a transparent ship-to-shore information sharing.

  • Planned Maintenance System

    Application software specially designed for maintenance monitoring on any marine or industrial plant. Provides flexible specification of required maintenance integrating with the spares usage. Integrates maintenance with class surveys. Permits decoupling of maintenance continuity from personnel changes. Semi-annual concise maintenance and survey planning and full maintenance plan for any required period. Spare parts usage monitoring and future requirements prediction.

    The Danaos Planned Maintenance System is approved by Det Norske Veritas with Type Approval Certificate No. M-PMS-8652 valid until 24th November 2007 and by Lloyd’s Register with Software Conformity Certificate No. SWC 0300003 valid until 23rd October 2008.

    Including :

    • Creation of the entire PMS, related technical forms and Survey Status into the system for the entire fleet can be outsourced to Danaos Services. These services are performed by Marine Chief Engineers having extensive sea and rank experience.

    • Remote management of the PMS can also be outsourced to Danaos Services, where our Chief Engineers will monitor, update and maintain the system for the client, leaving just the decision making process with the client.

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  • Dry-docking Module

    Danaos Dry-docking Module offers the creation of the dry-docking report, the sending to the various shipyards for quotations, the evaluation of the quotes, the final order placement and the follow up of the jobs done during the dry-docking. Has a user friendly interface, utilizing the “drag & drop” functionality which is offered by the Windows.

    In one screen the user can select, define and create all that is required for the Dry-docking report generation. When the shipyards receive the files then they will be able to fill up their quotes and send them back to the office. Also the user will be able to import the quoted prices from the yards and thereafter from the Danaos Supplies Module to do the yard comparison. All the Dry-docking information will be saved on separate tables and in that way the user can retrieve historical information.

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  • Supply Cycle

    Including :

    Stores Control System

    Application software specially designed for store supply for shipping companies. Supports departmental division and follow up. Provides automation of the complete supply cycle (Requisition-Quotation-Order-Delivery-Invoice) without data transcription in any intermediate stage. Optimizes supply quantity and supplier selection process. Informs supply department with pending requisitions per department, critical stores requirements, requisition progress and pending quotations, orders, deliveries, invoices. Deliveries per department for time periods, historic prices. Evaluates quantity requirements with automatic units conversions. Complete inventory with evaluation. Informs management with moving average cash-flow requirements, covering last six months and projecting next six.

    Spares Parts Control System

    Application Software specially designed for spare parts supply and integrated follow up for shipping and offshore companies. Provides automation of the complete supply cycle (Requisition, Quotation, Order, Delivery, Invoice) without data transcription on any intermediate stage. Optimises supply quantities and supplier selection process. Information is produced for the technical department and the management. Technical department has full and easy control over requisition and order status pending quotations, orders, deliveries and invoices. Also, complete inventory with evaluation and historical prices paid or quoted. Management has moving average cash-flow requirements covering last six/three months and projecting next six. Complete cost analysis per system is obtained at any stage.

    Provisions Control System

    Application Software specially designed for provisions supply and follow up for shipping companies. Provides automation of the complete supply cycle. Requisition, quotation, order, delivery, invoice, without data transcription on any intermediate stage. Permits grouping per item/category and automatic substitution. Optimises supply quantities, supplier selection, order allocation and automatic ordering in accordance with model orders. Information to supply department with pending requisitions critical supply dates, pending quotations, orders, deliveries. Deliveries for time period, historic prices and actual/reference consumption analysis per item/group. Informs management with actual/reference cost analysis per day and man day. Shifting period cash-flow requirements covering last six months and projecting next six.

    • The entire function of creating the Supply Cycle system, including but not limited to, stores and provisions catalogue creations and Machinery Spare parts catalogues can be outsourced to Danaos Services in India, where our data team will collect and harmonise the data before creating them into the system under appropriate departments and catalogues.

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  • Crewing System (with Crew Scanning Function)

    Application software specially designed for crewing departments or crew agents. Provides historical performance record for each seaman, personal card, seaman application, follow up. Quick search for any combination of qualifications in seaman's personal card and means for evaluating seaman point system reporting of past performance. Actual crew list by rank is obtained both present and past. Actually available or not available crew by rank. Possibility of allocating crew to vessels. Planning Reports for on board and ashore personnel. Multiple crew list generated for U.S. immigration and other authorities.

    • Crew data population into the system can be outsourced to Danaos Services, where the relevant Crew applications, Crew Cards, certificates etc. can be pre-populated into the database for the entire fleet.

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  • Master's General Account

    Designed to facilitate the Operation Department of a shipping company to automatically check Master's Accounts. Handles multiple collective and individual crew agreements. Validates pay-slips received from the Master. Processes monthly and extra allotments. Produces wages, tax statements and records of crew ledgers. Calculates retroactive wages and updates the accounting system with relevant entries. Reports for various statistics are included. Generates automatically list with payments of Monthly.

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  • QA and ISM follow-up

    The Danaos ISM package is designed to provide the launch platform of the company preparation and certification to ISM requirements. It provides the backbone of the efficient maintenance of the ISM system once the company is certified and ensures continuity of compliance. The degree of automation provided ensures that minimum human intervention is required for application the closed - loop principle of the ISM code. New tools in training and administrator open new horizons not only in light of the ISM but in the most efficient utilization of a company’s human resources on board and ashore.

    The basic structure of the ISM Administrator is consistent with the Danaos Shipmanagement system for office and vessel. A complete and integrated safety, quality and information system can be built giving the shipping company the benefits of a unified platform to build its competitiveness.

    • ISM Manual Administrator: Version Control - Prior and future Version Generator - Distribution control - Document oriented structure - Cross-referencing - Shipboard, Professional and office manual integrated approach - Search capability. (Optional: basic Approved Manual.)

    • ISM Checklist Administrator: Flexible specification of checklist items - version control - Distribution control - Frequency specification - Dynamic form generation from checklist items. (Optional: Analysis of on board performance of drills and procedures - Monitoring of safety system - Electronic transfer of forms and results).

    • ISM Training Assistant: Preparation of training sessions - Creation of Company training schemes - Preparation of Quiz - Evaluation of trainees - Multiple choice interactive trainer - Manual Interactive instructor. (Optional: basic ISM training package and quiz.)

  • ISM Operation :

    Including :

    • Accident Reporter:Recording of accidents and near-misses - Conditions, details injuries recording - Statistical evaluations - Near miss correlation analysis - Accident causal analysis - Follow-up of accidents - Documentation control - Corrective action control - Graphical presentation of statistics.

    • Safety and Audit Inspection:Flexible definition of inspection items - Scheduling of inspections per vessel- Planning of Inspector visits - Archiving of inspections - Recording of Deficiencies. (Optional: Archiving of inspections photos - Comparative/evolutionary item analysis - Quality/Safety deficiency reporting - Internal/Statutory audit follow-up).

    • Drill Administrator:Preparation of applicable drills per vessel type, flag and trade - scheduling of drills - Record Keeping - Participant recording.

    • Seminar Administrator:Scheduling of seminars - Allocation of participants - Record keeping for execution and participation.

      • Danaos Services India can create the entire ISM manuals of the Client into the ISM system with all the checks and version control cleanly maintained. ISM forms are also created and linked into the ISM system.

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  • Danaos On Board Systems

    Danaos on board system is designed to provide ship officers with an easy and efficient tool to handle the majority of their daily administrative work. The system relies on the “Shore based Shipmanagement” concept. Headquarters are the pivot point where information is collected. This information is processed in conjunction with company policy and transferred back to the vessel in the form of instructions, checklists, manuals and procedures. Danaos On Board System creates instantly all Paper Work required according to the latest company procedures.

    All required information is transmitted back to the headquarters for further processing. Implementing this unique Danaos concept, you can really create a system that reacts instantly on any company’s policy change. The system additionally interfaces with machinery monitoring and bridge equipment as well as with ship-to-shore communication systems.

    • Planned Maintenance System: Maintains records of all maintenance activities - prepares jobs plan for any period - Allows chief engineer to update jobs completed - Creates electronically job’s cards and the coded mail for the headquarters - Last maintenance action reporting - Maintenance history reporting - Emergency jobs handling - Spares usage.

    • Spare Parts Control System: Automatic creation of spares requisitions - Real time inventory control - Minimum maximum stock control - Recording of spares to be repaired - Deliveries handling with automatic inventory update.

    • Stores Control System: Creates Stores Requisitions - Departmental inventory control - Minimum Maximum stock control - Deliveries handling - Spot Deliveries.

    • Provisions Control System: Requisition creation - Inventory control - Minimum Maximum stock level control - Deliveries handling - Spot Deliveries.

    • Crewing System: Active crew handling - Crew List preparation according to different standards - Crew qualifications and certificates handling - License seaman book and official documents expiry dates.

    • Master’ s General Account: Produces payslips for all seaman according to National and contract - Master Accounts- Cash on board - Allotments - Advances - Bonded Stores - Telegrams - Overtime etc.

    • Vessel Operation (Position Telegrams): Allows officers to electronically fill up and transmit to the office noon, arrival and departure telegrams. (Optional : Port events log can be created according to your company and trade standards for transmission to the office.

    • Vessel Synchronisation Module: Application software specially designed to replicate data from vessel to office and apply strict transactions control procedures including the verification of business rules regarding the information received from the office and configured for minimum ship to shore data transfer.

    • ISM Checklist Generator: On-board checklist generation and handling - Analysis of on-board procedures - Evaluation of safety system on-board - Electronic transfer of lists.

    • On Board I.S.M: Safety manual search print and electronic update - Training session presentation and quizzes - Transfer of results to headquarters- Scheduling of Drills - Electronic write up and transfer of results. (Option : Predefined check list and inspection forms fill up and data transfer to office.)

    • Synchronisation Module: Application software specially designed to replicate data from office to vessel and apply strict transactions control procedures including the verification of business rules regarding the information received from the vessel. This design aims to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the corporate information preventing the crew onboard of performing setting up work, risking the fleet wide consistency and integrity. Danaos synchronisation module is totally independent of the communication media, protocol and software system used to establish communication between vessel and onshore locations. This concept offers your company the flexibility to choose the most cost effective solution in the market depending also on the operational pattern of the vessels. For example a tank operating at an area where mobile telephony is available can use it instead of the expensive satellite communication. For a vessel sitting in the port where the office is located, an updating using magnetic media should be probably most appropriate. Danaos has the expertise to fine tune any communication system to Danaos synchronisation module.

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