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Marin (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) SPA collaborative research program
In progress

The objective of the SPA-JIP is to develop the analysis of the fuel performance of ships in service while taking advantage of available data (such as from VDR) and sensors (such as installed in the engine room). Speed-power trial results can be used as a benchmark and also a fleet performance comparison will be made. Importantly, SPA will also assist the crew to navigate the vessel more economically and at the same time the performance analysis will indicate potential energy saving by improving software and controls (e.g. auto pilot, speed and pitch setting), hardware replacement and maintenance (such as propeller cleaning and repair).

Actual performance will be compared to speed trial results, to performance history and to the performance of sister ships on similar trades (fleet performance).

It is also the objective of SPA-JIP to set an industry standard concerning performance analysis and the required on board sensor data for this purpose.

Finally the results of the SPA development will be validated and demonstrated by implementation and monitoring on various vessels.

The SPA software will be developed such that it can also run with existing VDR data sets (“office mode”).

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