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Past R&D Projects

EU FP6: Inmare Coordination Action
2004-2006: Completed

The InMare project (Coordination Action developed under the sixth EU Framework Programme) focused on technologies and methodologies for Safe, Environmentally-friendly and Efficient Shipping Operations.

The main objective was to translate the real needs of maritime operators into input for feasible and effective future studies and/or research projects by identifying the most promising scientific and technical developments in order to make the European shipping ready to face the future challenges

InMare has involved as partners some of the most important European Ship owners Associations (ECSA, European Community of Ship Owners Association; NSA Norway; CONFITARMA, Italy; AAMC, Portugal; PSA Poland), ship owners and operators (CARNIVAL, UK; TEEKAY, Norway; DEIULEMAR, Italy) Universities (SSRC, UK; TUB, Germany), system makers and research centers (SEMA 2, Italy; BMT, UK; MARINTEK, Norway; SAM, Germany ; SOS, UK; DANAOS, Greece; ISSIA, Italy) and classification society (DNV, Norway).

EU FP5 Research program (1-01:4-04)

Advanced Decision Support for Ship-routing based on Ship-specific Responses as well as Improved Sea and Weather Forecasts including Synoptic, High Precision and Realtime Satellite Data

Constantly improved forecasts of sea state and sea weather, including near real-time data from high resolution and high precision altimeter satellites, shall be integrated into advanced decision support systems for captains and ship management concerned with routing performance of specific ships. In particular fast container and ferry vessels and super fast monohulls and catamarans will be dealt with. Routing performance should be optimized in order to increase safety, economics, reliability and environmental friendliness of sea transport. Transport links to be investigated are intercontinental (North Atlantic) and European short sea shipping routes.

GSRT spin-off subsidization Program (EPAN)

Decision support system for vessels’ navigation optimizing bunkering consumption and passage time based on weather forecasts, vessel particulars and market conditions

Danaos Searoutes LTD has been established in 2006 as a spin-off company subsidized by the Greek Secretariat of Research and Development. It was selected in the context of a national Programme to exploit, enhance and implement the results of the EC funded and successfully completed project “SEAROUTES – Advanced decision support for ship routing based on full scale ship-specific responses and weather forecasts” where Danaos had participated. The company is staffed with well educated and highly experienced personnel.

Danaos Searoutes is the only Greek company that was nominated for the EU 2007 ICT prize (http://www.ict-prize.org)

URA: Unified risk assessessment Collaborative Research program


Risk assessment and Management in the Shipping industry

Recently the maritime industry’s understanding of the significance of systematic assessments for business continuity and continuous improvement is looking to apply models, methodologies and information systems to be better harmonized with international regulations like ISM, ISPS, ISO 14001 and TMSA. Several methodologies and models are available, that were successfully applied in other enterprise activities as LOPA, SIS, FTA, ETA and HAZOP.

URA is a structured risk assessment model with the associated information system for ships operations covering accidents, security scenarios, environmental aspects, operational and business impacts with a unified approach. Information system infrastructure, functional specifications, model structure, decision support and evaluation are included in the developed module by a collaborative research team including major ship-owners and research institutes.

The product is presented in the 17th symposium of EEEE and has been incorporated in the Danaos Enterprise Edition of software modules.

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