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Danaos Software Services India have established a series of services, aiming to improve the effectiveness of the performance of Danaos Software systems. Danaos clients understand the necessity and benefits of these systems, for cost reduction (Maintenance and Spare Parts costs can be reduced up to 30%) and that they are part of statutory requirements, but have limited resources to allocate to their implementation. Taking this into account, Danaos Software Services have extended their fully trained and qualified support engineers to offer - High Quality - Low Cost outsourcing services focused on these systems.

Our range of services extends beyond just setting up of the system to the actual operation and monitoring of the performance. That means the operation of these systems can be passed to Danaos Software Services specialized personnel at any time. Our services also include vessel and office visits for implementation and training or training at our in-house facility in India.

Our services are centered on the successful Business Process Outsourcing model, carrying out technical and non-technical backend functions of a shipping company. This model allows shipping companies to focus on their core business, without the hassle of running and maintaining the systems, keeping the decision making process with them and outsourcing the backend functions.

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