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Outsourcing Methodology

Danaos India Services offers the following range of outsourcing services:

  • Data services for creating vessel PMS and Spare Parts data: PMS and Spare Parts data are collected either onboard or are forwarded by the customer. The data team populates the customer databases for the relevant sections (vessel systems, subsystems and machinery particulars, jobs and running hours).

  • Data services for creating Supply Cycle data and inventories: Supplier catalogues and pricelists and vessel inventories are collected and the data team populates the relevant customer databases.
  • Creation and conversion of ISM documentation: Customer ISM manuals and Forms are converted into the Danaos format and become part of the Danaos software infrastructure of the customer.

  • Onboard visits for hardware and software setup

  • Onboard visits for crew training

  • Onsite office visit for software implementation tasks: The service includes various services such as software installation, office staff training, and implementation consultancy.

  • Remote System Management Services including per vessel:

    • Monitoring of all maintenance activity.

    • Complete running of the Hardware and software.

    • Reporting of all pending jobs on a monthly basis.

    • Reporting of errors in the system with corrective action.

    • Support for ship staff during India office hours.

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