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Most shipping-related businesses use computers to handle their communications requirements. But there are only a few cases where sufficient thought and capital has being invested in the right kind of hardware and modern, safe and reliable communications software.

According to a conservative estimate, there are about 20,000 maritime businesses in the world needing good messaging systems. Most of them already have some sort of computerized communications system in place, providing various types of telex, fax, or e-mail capabilities.

Danaos offers a comprehensive communications suite that covers the complete range of the communications needs of every company, is being widely used by hundreds of shipping companies world-wide for the past decade and has the following advantages:
  • Integrates all known communication modes (email, fax, telex, GSM mobiles, X400, internal memos, mail by post) in a comprehensive unified environment
  • Integrates also ship-to-shore communications
  • Continuously adapts to evolving technological advances  - lately has been fully integrated with BlackBerry - messaging
  • Offers an Enterprise environment where information is shared amongst message recipients from a centralized repository, eliminating message duplication and eliminating the possibility of losing important information
  • Offers a multitude of add-on facilities for efficient information handling (grouping per case, multiple filing, workflow stages)
  • Is fully integrated with the rest of the Danaos software modules

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