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The world of telecommunications is presently going through a period of extraordinary development. New services and technologies constantly generate fresh opportunities, especially for the shipping industry. In light of the above, your telecommunications system will become the basic resource for you to be truly competitive. Since external pressure and competitive threats are growing up, organizations that use technology in innovative ways are better equipped to attack new markets more cost-efficiently and pro-actively than those who do not.

The Danaos suite of communications software, following very closely the latest technological developments, can substantially assist to solve persistent requests of shipping companies such as:

  • Elaborate 3-tier filing mechanism for fast categorization

  • Very powerful and efficient search capabilities

  • Efficient handling of thousands of incoming and outgoing information items daily

  • All the information is stored in a central database repository that enables very fast retrieval

  • User access to the information is very strictly controlled according to individual or group privileges

  • Powerful user-configurable procedures and workflows for automated information processing

  • Many Danaos customers are using the software to implement a "paperless office" environment

  • Fully integrated with the other Danaos software modules for greater efficiency and faster information processing

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