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The complete unified messaging management, filing, procedures and address book system. Its advance design gives you unrivalled flexibility in designing your address book to make it a true mirror of the organization of each entered company. This allows precision in delivery of the messages. On the receiving side it enables you to select as narrow or as general set of viewers on any message by predefined rules. In this respect your security is enhanced at any desired level.

Information processing and selection of messages is performed at the server and not the client. This allows security to be enhanced and further does not require any duplication or storage of information at the client side, being the mode of operation of standard browsing systems.

The powerful procedures mechanism enables the implementation and monitoring of quality procedures without overhead. Unauthorized dispatch of messages can be intercepted. Message initiated action can be monitored.

Filing procedures are so advanced that the system can learn how to file messages automatically based on either sender or context sensitive data. You may create multiple entries of the same message or document in various concurrent files without duplication of the file. This enables all new additions to the original message to be automatically available on all files originally having the message or document.

Remote Connectivity


Remote Info@Gate

Remote Info@GATE product is giving exactly the same functionality on your mobile device anywhere, anytime in the world as if you were in your office. This allows you to connect via Internet or GSM network, download your required information, work locally to prepare any messages or browse through received messages in the same look and feel mode as your office, then reconnect and send your prepared messages to be distributed via the company server.


WEB Info@Gate

Alternatively you may use any standard browser to login your personal web server in your office and browse through messages and address book or create a message to be sent via your office server.


Key features include:

  • Full management and control of their incoming and outgoing messages (Fax, Telex, Internet-mail, Ship to Shore Communication, Voice-mail, Interoffice-mail, X-400, Re filers, SMS).

  • Automatic Filing and Classification procedures of messages and documents, always according to ISO's requirements and company's policy.

  • Follow-up of workflow and of process performance.

  • Easy search and quick presentation of information as per user's request.

  • Ability to forward information to other authorized users.

  • Ability to immediately locate additional information, which is possibly dispersed in other documents and is relative to the initial information requested.

  • Remote access via Internet (Remote Info@GATE, Standard Web browser, BlackBerry)

  • Direct availability of information to the user wherever he/she is working on. (Inside or outside of the company, at home, during a trip, at the headquarters of a customer, etc.)

  • Multiple security levels and absolute guarantee for top secret information whenever it is necessary.

  • Minimize movements of company's files and distribution of endless stacks of paper from one desk to another.

  • Decrease waste of precious time and increase productivity.

  • HTML Editor to prepare, re-edit and transmit Internet e-mails with colors, links, embedded images, animations and sound.

  • Document templates for standard messages.

  • Alarm notifications with snooze option, using alert words.

  • Open architecture and flexibility.

  • Interfacing with other systems and subsystems.

  • Support of databases (RDBMS).

  • Support of intranets and Internet.

  • Utilization of already existing infrastructure.

  • Easy upgrade from LAN to WAN.

  • User friendly interface under MS-Windows environment.

  • Low cost of maintenance, since Info@GATE is managed by one Communication Server only.

  • Exceptional reliability and 365x24x7 support

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