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Danaos INFOCONNECT is a sophisticated and user-friendly e-mail and data communication product specially optimized for ship-to-shore communication.

Different options for data communication, on line or store & forward, new systems for message†compression, conversion, distribution and transmission are just some of the issues facing the IT manager. In a fast-changing market, it's vital that you should make the right choice. Danaos has designed such a user-friendly application, specifically for the shipboard environment.

By using INFOCONNECT, your organization is free to choose the communication media, which is the most cost effective at the time. Can†extend the deployment of e-mail capabilities beyond the office to many of today's wireless networks and in doing so, you can enhance the†user experience with new wireless features while reducing network usage costs by half.

Key features include: 

  • User friendly†and installable interface.†

  • Supports Inmarsat A, B, B-HSD, M, Mini M, IPDS, Fleet, GSM and IRIDIUM connections

  • Auto data compression and full Duplex Operation†

  • Resuming (transmission restart from break point)†

  • Automatic Virus checking†

  • Data integrity Verification / Data delivery†Confirmation†

  • Message status indicator†

  • File Management (filing old messages by folders, or share folders between groups of users)†

  • Reporting / Statistics module†

  • Shared Address Books†

  • Filtering (control message volumes, limit maximum message size, restrict Internet messaging to a list of approved senders and/or†domains)

  • Public Bulletin Board Service (news and weather updates with your regular message exchange)†

  • Multi-user shipboard system (LAN)†

  • Remote access to check vessel messages†

  • Proven robustness and reliability based on open Internet standards†

  • Gateways to Internet, Telex, Fax, ISDN, SMTP, Commercial re-filers†

  • Integrated with ship management software and specially optimized for ship and shore database synchronization 624x7 Customer Support.

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