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The Danaos Enterprise version is based on modules linked with Key Performance Indicators that track a company's effectiveness in meeting its aims and objectives.

KPIs are seen as a set of "vital signs" that represent the state of company's operational health.

When used as part of a measurement system, they determine the quality of the processes and the degree to which the aims and objectives are being achieved.

By monitoring KPI's owners and operators irrespective of department are able to manage their continuous-improvement programs.

The KPI's monitoring mechanism provides the appropriate feedback either to a specific department e.g. operational, technical, crewing or management reporting.

In addition to KPI's the Danaos Enterprise version has the following advanced features:

  • Danaos is the only maritime software provider that offers a complete range of modules that cover all the areas of the daily operation of a shipping company. The customer can order individual modules at different time scales as per the individual needs of each shipping company. Each module seamlessly fits with the rest of the Danaos modules upon installation.

  • The modules are fully integrated and the information flows seamlessly amongst departments and operational areas and amongst vessel and office in a fully automated manner, eliminating double data-entry and allowing for maximum management control and increased efficiency.

  • The Enterprise Framework allows for common infrastructure datasets (such as vessel particulars, third party contact details, etc) that are shared amongst the various departments from a single database location.

  • A unified -alerting mechanism- allows each user to define a range of useful -alerts- (that are activated automatically when any specified conditions are met) that can warn the user about areas where immediate action is required. All the alerts that may be generated from different operational modules are congregated into a separate screen allowing the user to focus easily on the issues requiring immediate attention.

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