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The Danaos Commercial Cycle is a comprehensive suite allowing the Chartering and Operations departments to follow-up a complete voyage sequence and to manage the commercial performance of the fleet, starting from the Estimation and Charter Party drafting through the full vessel movements, performance, and voyage statistics and recap per vessel and per fleet(s). It applies to all types of vessels and has enhanced functionality that allows for cargo parceling, fleet scheduling and optimizations, if needed.

  • Voyage Estimation

    Designed to support all types of calculations associated to a Voyage Estimation. Including a large and extensible port distances data base, the system permits on line checking of more than one vessel for the same job, Permits "What if" suppositions by interactive variation of all associated figures when modifying one of the estimation parameters. All necessary terms are already included in the system and easily retrieved.

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  • Vessel Operation

    Application Software specially designed for the operation department of a shipping company as a decision making as well as a claims support/ defense tool. Performance monitoring in technical and financial terms with minimal information required. Provides optimum passage speed calculation with direct gain/loss calculation and optimum bunkering ports and schedule with complete analysis and costs differentials. Complete movements and daily reports with all specific and average figures. Charter party over/under performance evaluation in actual financial terms, providing complete defense against claims. Informs management with voyage financial reports and post voyage analysis.

    • The function of inputting the daily telegrams form the vessel to the system can be outsourced to Danaos Services, where our data centre receive these telegrams from the client's vessel and remotely update the system within a specified time frame, allowing the client to view updated vessel positions and consumptions at any point in time.

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  • Freight Collection System

    Application Software specially designed for Post-fixture information, Creating Debit Notes, Credit notes sent charterers, automatically created vouchers for accounting record non Debit Notes and Credit Notes issued, Recording charterer's payments and preparing vouchers for Accounting records. Keeping track of voyage revenues and expenses.

    Reporting: Voyage results reports, Charterers statement-including all movements for the specified charterer, Charterers Ageing Analysis report- Detailed, this report gives all Debit Notes, Credit Notes sent to charterer and payments received by charterers. As the report's name indicates, full age analysis of outstanding amounts is given to in order to enhance cash collection. Charterers Outstanding Analysis Report-Summary, this report gives the total outstanding amount by voyage on T/C.

    Reports can be issued as per fleet category, per specified vessel and charterer, per specified vessel and specified range of charterers etc.

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  • Disbursement Accounts System (Port Expenses)

    Application Software specially designed for vessel port expenses and payment follow up. Initial offer and proforma invoice are entered into the system together with the final invoice. The updating of Danaos Marine Accounting is fully automated. The payment approval to the agent can be done through the system. Various reports specifying Disbursement Accounting department activity, i.e. number of invoices approved, checked, pending, paid, etc. are produced.

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